terça-feira, 2 de abril de 2013

Dicas para sua cartinha linda *.*

Então meninas, conforme combinado, fiz um vídeo falando sobre a carta:

Esse é meu vídeo dando dicas sobre a carta:

Aqui embaixo vou deixar postado a minha carta, para servir de modelo pra vocês, não vão copiar hein? rsrsrs

Essa é minha carta:

Dear host family,
Hi, my name is Fernanda, I am 23 years old and I am from Goiânia, Brazil.
I am studying Administration but I am going to take a break for the Au Pair Program because I think is important to learn English.
Goiânia is a beautiful city, it has a lot of parks, shopping centers and good restaurants. In Goiânia there is a great zoo inside an amazing park called Bosque dos Buritis and during the weekend many people like to visit it. My niece loves it. She likes to see the animals, specially the monkeys.
I live with my family. They are amazing. My mother Janice is a housewife and my father Alberto is retired from the public service. I have two sisters, Letícia and Rachel, they are married and happy. My niece Lyandra is the love of my life. She is 2 years old and she is smart and funny. We play a lot together. We are very close to each other. We do many things together such as travel, going out for dinner, going to the movies, shopping, etc.
In my free time I like to work out, study, read a good book, swim and travel. My hobbies are listen to music and going to the movies.
I have chosen the Au Pair Program because is the safest way to getting to know other culture, learning another language and also work with children. Work with kids is grateful. We can explore their creativity and imagination. I used to play games, paint, produce toys from recycle material, go to parks, talk with them about nature, environment, tell stories, fairy tales, etc. I also like to play ball games, make a picnic, teach sports, talk about good manners, how to be polite, how to share toys, how to be a good friend.
I like to hear from them first and then decide what to do, what to play and how all the activities will improve their skills. I am very careful about their daily routine, like wash the face, brush teeth, have lunch, take a shower and all important things related to the children’s good health.
I am very generous and I like to be useful.
When I was 17 years old I started taking care of children as a voluntary in a day care center. This experience changed my life. The way they express their feelings with honest, the way they are grateful with a little gesture, made me decide to take part in this amazing experience.
I used to take care of 15 kids. I taught them computer lessons, helped with homework and supervised them at play time. I also took care of a 6 months old boy, with him I spent many hours a day sometimes mornings sometimes afternoons, so this way I had the chance to take care of him in all aspects of his routine, bottle feeding, bathing, waking him up, dressing, playing, changing dippers, potty training and putting him back to bed.
I am expecting to get to know another culture and lifestyle in different ways. I also want to share my way of living. I am willing to learn from you in all aspects you may think would be necessary for us to have a nice time together.
I have always dreamed with this opportunity. For many years I thought how would be living in another country with a new family. Now that my dream is becoming real I am going to put all my effort to make everything perfect. From the first day until the last I want to learn how is to be part of an American family.
I studied English from 2000 to 2006. But now I am taking classes again, 6 hours a week since September. I want to be prepared for the Au Pair Program. I am not very secure about speaking so I am making a lot of effort on that.
I hope that you like my letter.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
With love and care,

Então meninas, espero que gostem do post.

Beijos... Qualquer dúvida estou à disposição.

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  1. Adorei a sua carta! A minha já esta pronta porém gostaria de uma ajudinha. Será que preciso falar de todas as experiências com as crianças na carta, pois a minha já está grande, eu falo de todas elas no video e ainda tem lá no app?

    1. Então, você tem muitas experiências assim? Eu acho importante você falar sim de todas as experiências na carta, a carta quanto maior é melhor rsrs... O vídeo é a sua entrada entendeu? Mais depois que a family gostou do seu vídeo, eles vão olhar sua carta com certeza. ;)
      Espero ter ajudado, continue acessando meu blog, hoje vou dar dicas de vídeo ;) bjuuu